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    Reliable and trustworthy car tune ups can be hard to find. At Conquest Auto Repairs, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service and first-rate repairs so your car can run like you just drove it off the lot.
    Whether you need car battery services to keep your engine purring, or suspension repair to ensure a smooth ride, we can help. Each mechanic on our team has years of hands-on experience and can provide thorough diagnostics and repair services.
    It's easy to see why Conquest Auto Repairs is the mechanic of choice for our friends and neighbors in the greater Atlanta area. Stop by today to receive a free quote!
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Brakes are vital to the safety of your car. If you have noticed a pulling sensation, vibrations, or strange noises when you brake, it may be time for auto repairs.

Tire repairs
Tire Repairs

Brand new tires are expensive, but driving around on flat tires can damage the wheels of your car and lead to costly repairs down the road. Instead of investing in a new set of tires, let Conquest Auto Repairs provide tire repairs to patch holes and get you back on the road in no time at all.

Oil change
Oil Change

An oil change is a vital part of routine car maintenance. Without oil to lubricate the internal workings and absorb heat, your engine is primed for disaster. Stop by today for an oil change and to keep your engine running smoothly.

Suspension repair
Suspension Repair

Your suspension system is responsible for giving you absolute control over your vehicle. If you have had difficulty turning, excessive bouncing when going over bumps, or the feeling that your car "nose dives" when you brake, you may need suspension repair.

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